I Keep Having Dreams

The sleeping soul of the country

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onlymywishfulthinking asked: ok - “Love Me” Chryed :)

Never ever attempted Chryed before so I hope this works for a start. :)

Christian Clarke was well aware that Syed Masood wasn’t a perfect man. He’d known from the start that there was a tendency for lies, cons, and cheating. Christian had his own past full of men he didn’t love and shallow relationships that lasted only for the sake of what he could get out of them. Neither of them were perfect men, or the best of men, but they were good in their souls. Christian believed that, even when things were at their worst. He knew there were times when love wasn’t enough; when trust and faith lay broken on vows already tarnished before they were spoken. Even when he was determined to leave, he never could imagine a life completely void of his Syed.

Christian had met his other half and that didn’t always mean happiness, but it did mean he would settle for nothing less. A quick reunion, a nine hour plane flight, and an overly tired dinner with his mother and Jane didn’t solve even the smallest of their problems. This time now though, right here, sleeping beside Syed, feeling his hair tickle Christian’s neck, smelling the traces of shampoo, soap, and cologne on his body, offered comfort in a way Christian hadn’t known in what felt like months. That was one the hardest part of their separation; learning to sleep alone.

“Clarkey?” Syed asked in a sleep-drenched voice.

“Shh,” Christian soothed. He ran a hand down Syed’s back and kissed the top of his head. “Go back to sleep.”

Syed snuggled close and nodded. His fingers tightened on Christian’s skin and forced them even to closer.

Christian understood that urge and tightened his own hold. Here things were safe, they were good, not perfect, never would be, but they’d find a way. All the odds against them, all the bridges they burned and chances they took to be together, they would find a way.

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